Impact square is the most innovative impact business expert organization. Impact square researches scientifically and suggests the best solution with how business these days effect social innovation and how social value creates business competitiveness. Impact square pursues the social mission of 'Allowing more people to consume impact business’.

Considering the situation in Korea where the concept of ‘impact’ was not well defined at the beginning of our establishment, Impact Square decided that innovation would start from essentially understanding and defining the mechanism of impact business. From this point, Impact Square gradually developed business expertise by publishing impact report for the first time domestically, publishing IBR, a magazine specializing in impact business, and founding of our corporate affiliated research institution, ‘Impactology’.

Based on the experiences and insights, Impact Square established an accelerating program which shows Impact Square’s philosophy and abilities. We believed that at this point, players in the social venture field should go beyond consulting and research and to take actual actions to expand the basis of impact business.

As a result, Impact Square has been operating an accelerating program that supports the growth of over 250 social ventures over the past 10 years, so that various impacts can be recognized and advanced in business areas. Furthermore, we have expanded the scope and density of our domestic impact business by developing action-oriented coordination so that leading companies in the domestic(Korea) business area, such as SK and Samsung, can become the real agents of impact creation.

In 2021, Impact Square has started a new challenge.

We have launched an online accelerating platform, ‘ISQ ACCEL’, in order to support social ventures that are challenging based on their own philosophy and problem awareness. This will enable them to share Impact Square’s expertise with many other social ventures without the limitation of time and place.

Now there would be no restrictions or limitations in social ventures' growth track. Impact Square and ISQ ACCEL will be the partner of your next innovative path.

Prove your innovation together with Impact Square.